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Because You Asked...

Our effort to help women parent college-aged young adults seems to have raised up a small new "community" of sorts--a virtual one. Some readers of And So We Pray or And So We Pray 2 longing for more connection, (don't we all) have asked me to elaborate on points I made in one or the other book. Knowing well that, in our digital age, fewer and fewer have the ability to read another book, it was suggested that a blog might be the perfect forum for continuing the conversation about how to support our college-aged young adults as mothers of Praying College Moms. If you're interested, please join us by subscribing.

In the coming weeks, it is my hope and prayer that this space will be graced by your stories and questions and that, inspired by the Holy Spirit, and the oversight of a very holy priest, you may find among these words some solace, along with a bit of Church teaching, and a dash of humor.

Spread the word. Let's grow this online community so that our college-aged young adults can be aided by moms who have availed themselves of the wisdom that comes from prayer and Catholic community!

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