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...And So We Pray was written for individuals or for women meeting in small groups who want to explore issues that young adults face in the college-aged years and read, discuss, and/or pray about how faith in Jesus Christ can console and strengthen us. 

Each chapter includes the following elements:

  • The body of the chapter, which focuses on a dilemma and proposes a principle of faith as a possible solution.

  • The closing prayer.

  • Questions for Reflection—these can be used individually or in small-group settings.

  • Prayer Intentions—a place for writing down prayers of petition.

  • Answered Prayers—a place for recognizing and celebrating answered prayers, which help to build faith and trust in God.

  • Prayer practice—one suggestion made for each chapter to deepen prayer life.

  • Scripture verses—ideally, the reader will have or will develop a daily habit of prayer and reflection. These verses were selected to inspire ongoing prayer along that theme, with plenty of space for journaling from day to day.

If reading the book outside of a small group, it is recommended that each chapter be read slowly, pausing for several days after each one to reflect on the questions, journal, and attempt the prayer practice.

All quoted Scripture is from the New American Bible, Revised Edition (NABRE) unless otherwise noted. Stories shared with the author are true, but names have been changed.

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Author Maribeth Harper with Fr. Paul Scalia, who wrote the foreword for And So We Pray.

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