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Lent-PCM Style

How many emails/blogs have you received in the past 10 days encouraging you to live this Lent generously, with discipline, full of gratitude, open-heartedly, optimistically? Alot? Me too. The community of Praying College Moms wants to help you make the next 40 days especially fruitful for your college-aged young adults with a few laser-focused tips of their own! Here are some of their suggestions for you:

1. I will add my child's name to the rosary list with 600+ others for whom Praying College Moms regularly say the rosary. (click here to do so)

2. To deepen my personal relationship with Jesus, I will set up a regular time for silent prayer (or recommit to it) each day.

3. I will fast from anxious thoughts about my young adults wellbeing. Each time such a thought arises, I will repeat to myself 3 times, in a loving manner, "My Lord, and My God" or "Jesus I trust in You", and wait for His loving presence to heal me. Then, I will thank Him.

4. I will send a PCM-style care package to my child mid-Lent to encourage him/her to persevere. (light-hearted, not preachy, fun, and personalized) Last year PCM sent more than 150 care packages on behalf of Praying College Moms.

5. I will plan a time each week to reach out with a phone call to talk about what's important to my child with no other agenda (ie, are you going to mass?) than to share in what he/she's up to.

6. If I haven't already, I will share the book

...And So We Pray in English or Spanish with another mom whose senior is preparing for college or her senior in college is applying for jobs.

May you have a blessed and refreshing Lent!

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