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A Failsafe GPS for 2019

A college coed I know made her way back to school last week via a detour to the local emergency room. Apparently, this former Irish Dancing queen broke her foot on New Years Eve practicing some moves she hadn't done in a while. We all chuckled at her antics as she was escorted to the hospital by her father who seemed significantly less amused. Her mother, a paragon of patience, packed her daughter's bags hoping that she could still make her flight later that evening. She did--with crutches.

Detours...roadblocks...u-turns...Navigating the college years can sometimes require parenting skills beyond our natural capacity. Where does one draw the necessary strength to know when to praise or when to scold? When to teach or stay silent? When to laugh or cry? Praying College Moms know the answer. We draw wisdom from praying with Scripture.

Does your bible look like my friends' pictured above? I was so impressed with it's tattered, love-worn cover that I asked her to take a picture of it for you. This is her GPS. How many prayerful moments must she have spent with the Lord to have curled those pages just so? As she opened it to read along with the priest guiding our retreat, I could see that each page was highlighted, notes had been written, underlines made. She is a woman of prayer. A Praying College Mom.

As this new year dawns, let's each of us pick up our Bibles and love them to tatters! Let's pray the inspired words for our children, asking Our Loving Lord's intercession for them. Join me, if you like, in my effort to read the Bible cover-to-cover using the newly published Bible In A Year, compiled by Tim Gray. Together we will draw all the strength we need to conquer the inevitable detours and roadblocks as they arise by praying over Our Lord's words in the Bible.

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