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Are you breathing a sigh of relief having said goodbye your college aged-young adult? Or maybe you're surprised at the sadness you feel at their absence? Are you overcome with worry or turning cartwheels? Praying College Moms exists to help us manage the inevitable changes (good or bad) that sending someone off to college trigger in our families.

I have spent the last three years talking to generous women who have shared their parenting ups and downs, so that together we could assemble a parenting tool box of sorts for those with children heading into the college years. We are all excited to announce that the final version of And So We Pray is now available in paperback or kindle. This final edition incorporates the best of our first two books, as well as 11 new chapters, for a grand total of 33 chapters -- one to reflect upon and pray with for every week your child is away during his academic year. These practical tips are much more effective when we parents are holy, so there are also plenty of suggestions for drawing ever closer to Jesus Christ as well.

As mothers, we want to activate the most powerful weapon imaginable to help our children succeed in their college-aged years. That weapon is prayer. ...And So We Pray will help us pray in a deep and meaningful way through this time of transition by providing thought-provoking, faith-based, real-life applications to contemporary issues that we may face during the exciting, and sometimes challenging, college years and beyond.

If you find the book helpful, please share a copy with a friend. That's the best way to expand the ministry and share the love of Christ with others. And, if you'd like to treat your college student, the Praying College Moms Care Packages will soon be ready for ordering at

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