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Those Were the Days...

Decisions about college were a long way off back when our toddlers rejoiced over a Hershey's kiss and their teddy bear. Yet, here we are... college acceptances have arrived and decisions are due by May 1.

Praying college moms can be brought to our knees as we wait for our children to decide on the acceptance(s) of their dreams. It can be such an anxious time! Adding to the overall stress of choosing well is the inevitable disappointment that come with rejection (even when it isn't a first choice college), and the harebrained comments others can make.

Peter took the SATs five times in order to meet the threshold for the college he wanted to attend.* Night after night he studied with prep books. He did practice tests, sought online help, and talked incessantly about "getting in." On the day the letters were expected, his father came home early from work and both parents hand-wrung while they waited for the mailman. Watching their son open the large envelope was one of the "most memorable moments of our lives," they said. They were beyond relieved that Peter got in. Now all they had to do was pay for it!

God is good when your child is admitted to his first choice for college. But is God also good in the face of rejection or the purgatory of a wait list? Scripture says so: "Give thanks to the Lord for he is good, his mercy endures forever!” Psalm 107:1.

When disappointment looms, how do praying college moms assuage the hurt? Especially since chocolate and teddy bears have long since ceased to work?

In faith, we rely on what Our Lord promised through Saint Paul in Romans 8:28, "We know that all things work for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose." We then transmit with confidence to our disheartened child that all will be well. No insincerity. No forced cheerfulness. No false hope. Just the certainty we have that God knows what He's doing.

When we are SURE of God's goodness, and KNOW that He loves us (and our children more than we do) we will find the words to help our children get through the bumpy weeks of March and April. How are we so SURE God is good? We're praying college moms!

*As always, names have been changed.

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