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One month ahead of schedule, And So We Pray 2 is now available --and in the nick of time to support mothers sending their children off to college in August! Many many thanks to so many mothers and students who allowed themselves to be interviewed with the hope that their stories would help you, the reader.

Each chapter includes the following elements:

• The body of the chapter, which focuses on a dilemma and proposes a principle of faith as a possible solution.

• The closing prayer.

• Questions for Reflection—these can be used individually or in small-group settings.

• Prayer Intentions—a place for writing down prayers of petition.

• Answered Prayers—a place for recognizing and celebrating answered prayers, which help to build faith and trust in God.

• Prayer Practice—one suggestion made for each chapter to deepen prayer life.

• Four Scripture verses—ideally, the reader will have or will develop a daily habit of prayer and reflection. These verses—one per week—were selected to inspire ongoing prayer along that month’s theme, with plenty of space for journaling from week to week.

• Journaling is an important practice, whether reading the book alone or in the context of a small group. Journaling stills the mind, empties it of busy thoughts, and promotes deeper contemplation of the Scripture being read. The free-flowing nature of journaling encourages the minds to surrender to the Holy Spirit and can allow God to speak to us more clearly as we write. Over time, we produce a private record of our thoughts and God’s actions in our lives, which, when re-read, can deepen our trust in God, Who we see has been working tangibly in our life. The action of journaling is like praying twice, just as singing is thought by some to be “praying twice.”

I hope you are blessed by this book, and if you are, please share the Good News!

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