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September 4, 2019

It was the third week of September before I began to recover emotionally from the experience of dropping my first child off at college. Not everyone has the same reaction, but I had been moping around teary-eyed, missing my son for weeks, until God intervened....

August 7, 2019

When you help your college bound son or daughter prepare to leave for school later this month, will you pack a bullet proof vest? Fire retardant PJs? A protective helmet? Probably not...Nevertheless, a mother's urge to protect and shelter rarely feels stronger than whe...

July 1, 2019

When my kids were little, our summertime family beach vacation was anything but a restful vacation. Wonderful, yes! But, as all moms know, babies at the beach mean a "change of scenery" not "toes-in-the-sand, beach chair and Pina Colada" relaxation. Surely, vacationing...

June 4, 2019

When my boys came home from college for the summer, they parked the old van in the driveway, dragged their bags into the foyer, dumped their backpacks upstairs, and began the summer-long process of undoing the order and cleanliness of every room in the house. (maybe a...

May 6, 2019

On the large white board at a exercise studio downtown, my fellow spinners seem to enjoy answering the question of the month posted by the staff. It's a fun community building activity. This month's question is: "What's the best advice you've ever received?" Hmmm......

April 3, 2019

College undergrads inundate Miami Beach each year for spring break, but this year the city is waving a white flag, crying "Nay, too much ruckus!"  In the first two weeks there were countless fights, motorist serving drinks to passengers in another vehicle, and one woma...

March 6, 2019

How many emails/blogs have you received in the past 10 days encouraging you to live this Lent generously, with discipline, full of gratitude, open-heartedly, optimistically? Alot? Me too. The community of Praying College Moms wants to help you make the next 40 days esp...

March 5, 2019

Outside, it's cold and dreary. Inside, my heart feels just like the weather looks this time of year. When my thoughts turn to our two adult children who are away from the faith, I'm tempted to wonder if my prayer and sacrifice makes any difference in their lives....

February 5, 2019

The University of Notre Dame was one of many colleges that closed its doors recently because of the polar vortex that descended upon the midwest. I wondered from the comfort of my fire-lit living room couch what the college-aged young adults were doing with their snow...

January 7, 2019

 A college coed I know made her way back to school last week via a detour to the local emergency room. Apparently, this former Irish Dancing queen broke her foot on New Years Eve practicing some moves she hadn't done in a while. We all chuckled at her antics as she was...

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