Ready and Waiting for YOU

Are you breathing a sigh of relief having said goodbye your college aged-young adult? Or maybe you're surprised at the sadness you feel at their absence? Are you overcome with worry or turning cartwheels? Praying College Moms exists to help us manage the inevitable changes (good or bad) that sending someone off to college trigger in our families. I have spent the last three years talking to generous women who have shared their parenting ups and downs, so that together we could assemble a parenting tool box of sorts for those with children heading into the college years. We are all excited to announce that the final version of And So We Pray is now available in paperback or kindle. This final

They're Off...Almost...Now What, Mom?

Such a bittersweet moment! Their bags are packed, the car is gassed, the dorm room awaits, and they're eager to begin (or return to) their college experience after a long summer of waiting. Their enthusiasm would be contagious but for the fact that our mothers' hearts are breaking. With the departure of each child for college near the end of August, I always kept a stiff upper lip, smiling as I kissed them goodbye... and then sobbed as they drove out of sight. Next, with a flurry of hyperactivity, I straightened their room, changed the sheets, and shut their bedroom door--happy for the return to cleanliness and order but sad counting down the days until they returned. When a child leaves for

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